Ep 20: Don’t Try This In The Bedroom

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It’s the MLB All Star Break and to many that means there’s nothing going on in sports. It would take a special kind of podcast to make “nothing” entertaining… lucky for you, this podcast is special as hell! The guys present their Dodgers and Angels mid-season “State of the Teams” Address! You’ll get everything you need to know about the first half and what you can look forward to for the remainder of the season. Not to be shown up by the Espy’s, the guys present their own awards, the Guysy’s… or is it the Shortsy’s… ok, we’ll keep working on name. Also, you’ll get hot takes on the Lakers summer league start and the Galaxy rounding the corner. Plus, our own Portuguese Hammer sobers up long enough to share the experience of his beloved Portugal winning the Euro Cup. “Nothing” has never been so good!