GIS “All Los Angeles Team” Draft Results!

Which team is best?

In honor of the NFL Draft and the Rams number 1 draft pick the guys decided to have a draft of their own. There were some surprises, some no brainers and some big names missing.This particular draft was an “All Los Angeles Team” draft and the way it worked was this:

Each Guys in Shorts Sports host was to draft a team of 5 Los Angeles pro players and 1 coach. The player had to have played at least one season on a professional sports team in Los Angeles. Once a host drafted a player from a team they no longer could draft from that team again. The only draft pick that was exempt from the one and done rule was the coach. The order to draft was chosen at random and it would be a ‘snake’ style draft.

So there you have it. The guys on Episode 9 – “That E.D. We All Like” of the podcast held a live draft and now you get to vote on who you think has the best team.  Check out the episode first and hear why the guys picked who they picked. Then vote for who you think did the best job!

Check out the visual draft results below:

Ben’s Team                                                Victor’s Team

Draft ResultIMG_8942

Darren’s Team                                             Jeff’s Team

IMG_8943 IMG_8944

Eric #TeamHammer Team


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3 thoughts on “GIS “All Los Angeles Team” Draft Results!

  1. jon

    Dodger = Jackie robinson
    lakers = jerry west
    UCLA = john wooden
    Ducks = teemu selanne
    galaxy =jorge campos

    ’nuff said

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