Kobe Bryant Gets Some Twitter Love

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So the day has arrived. Kobe Bean Bryant will be walking away from the game and team he has known for most of his life. It will be a bittersweet moment for Kobe, the organization as a whole, current and former teammates/adversaries, and Lakers fans when he steps onto the court tonight at the Staples Center to take on the Utah Jazz.

The love for Kobe Bryant goes beyond just basketball and twitter is here to prove just that. All day long on this “Mamba Day” twitter has been filled with Kobe love and memories. I decided to put few of the ones I could find here.

I for one hope the game tonight hangs in the balance until the very last shot and we all get to see the Black Mamba strike one last time.

IMG_8820.PNG IMG_8822.PNG IMG_8823.PNG IMG_8824.PNG IMG_8825.PNG IMG_8826.PNG  IMG_8828.PNG  IMG_8830.PNGIMG_8829.PNG IMG_8827.PNGIMG_8831.PNG IMG_8832.PNG IMG_8833.PNG  IMG_8835.PNGIMG_8834.PNG IMG_8836.PNG IMG_8837.PNG IMG_8838.PNG IMG_8839.PNG IMG_8840.PNG IMG_8842.PNG  IMG_8845.PNG IMG_8849IMG_8846.PNG IMG_8847.PNG IMG_8848.PNG IMG_8843.PNG

Even Albert Einstein got in the mix:


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