Ben Garcia


I have been called “Pompous,” a “Bandwagon Fan,” and “Aggressively Ignorant”…I call it “reality!” Nothing gets me fired up more than talking about a 0-0 tie in soccer, a fan blindly following their team with rose colored sunglasses or Angel’s fans who say they’re a fan but can’t name the top two of their starting rotation!

I joined the team at Guys in Shorts to serve as their voice of reason…their Simon Cowell if you will!  In addition to following LA sports, I am the poster child of the LA lifestyle…I BBQ year around, brew my own beer, hit the batting cages to stay in shape in case the Dodgers come calling, boat in the summer and I’m an avid watcher of great television classics such as “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” “Nashville,” and the FYI channels “Married at First Sight.”

I call things like I see ’em.  Sometimes I’m wrong…but trust me, that isn’t very often! If you like what you hear or want to tell me WHY I’M RIGHT, be sure to let me know!

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