Ep 67: He Actually Sounded Intelligent (with Trevor Lane)

The 2016-17 NBA season is officially over! That means the draft is right around the corner! To help discuss the Lakers options with their number two pick, the guys have a chat with Lakers Nation senior writer and podcast host, Trevor Lane. Trevor gives his thoughts one what he expects to see at the draft as well as his thoughts on the current Lakers roster… he also may or may not be a Galaxy fan and Hammer may or may not exploit that. Also up for discussion is Team USA’s qualifier against Mexico and Cal State Fullerton is headed to the College World Series! Plus Dodgers and Angels talk! If you’re a fan of sports in Los Angeles, you don’t want to miss this show!

Ep 66: You Guys Know What Furries Are?

For better or worse, we love our sports and today we’re talking about the “worse.” There have been a lot of new scandals in the sports world lately, so as the guys do with most things, they’re betting on it! It’s the Guys In Shorts “Scandal Pool!” Also, the guys give updates on the Dodgers, Angels and Galaxy. Plus, Ben fills us in on why he turned off the NBA Finals.

Ep 65: I Still Disagree But I Ran Out of Arguments

The Dodgers continue their hot streak with big wins against St. Louis and a sweep of Chicago, the Angels lose the best player in baseball, Mike Trout for 6-8 weeks with a thumb injury and the Galaxy have started something special with their third road win of the season. The guys discuss all of that plus they give their gut reactions to all the current headlines in a new segment we call “Gut Check!” Don’t miss it!

Ep 64: I Am Ma and Pa Kansas

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It’s summertime in SoCal! Us Angelenos need more than just baseball and soccer in our lives, so this week the guys discuss all the things they’re looking forward to this summer in a special Summer Edition of “The Goods!” The guys also give updates on the Dodgers and Angels. Plus, you’re never going to guess who steps in to help The Portuguese Hammer with the Galaxy update. Tune in to find out!