Ep 91: He’s Throwing Kink

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All the guys had to do this week was give updates on all your in season Los Angeles sports teams, fulfill the mandatory quota for Ball family news and maybe discuss the Dodgers and Angels making Japanese baseball sensation, Shohei Ohtani’s short list. With tow of the guys out this week, you’d think that could be done in 30-40 minutes tops… you’d be wrong. The guys went on an epic discussion covering everything from Karl Malone’s time with the Lakers to the Kardashians 15 year anniversary. Trust me, it’s even better than it sounds!

Ep 90: He Smelled Successful

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The guys are back after taking a week off for the Thanksgiving holiday and as it turns out, a lot happened while they were away! The Rams bounced back from their loss to Minnesota with a big win over New Orleans, the Chargers and Raiders are duking it out in the AFC West, USC is preparing for their championship game against Stanford, UCLA made huge news with the hiring of Chip Kelly, the Lakers and Clippers are still going at it and rumors surfaced that Giancarlo Stanton wants to wear Dodger blue. The guys discuss all that plus, the guys from the Kings Realm podcast stop by to discuss the Kings and their big interview with Kings legend Luc Robitaille! It’s a don’t miss episode!

Ep 71: Use Beer As Bait

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This week we talk about a big game with a lot of hype, inflated ticket prices and doesn’t mean anything… No, not the MLB All Star game, we’re talking about the “infamous” Manchester United taking on the LA Galaxy! In light of this momentous match (that again, means nothing), we’ve recruited the help of Jacob Brown from the “Yanks Call It Soccer” podcast to discuss all things soccer and why we should all be paying attention! Jacob and the guys breakdown US and MLS soccer, plus the correct way to choose your English Premiere League team. Also up for discussion, the MLB All Star Break, Lonzo Watch 2017 and answering if it’s ok to wear another team’s merch when visiting their stadium. All that plus, there may or may not be Christopher Walken impressions!

Ep 70: And That Ladies & Gentlemen Is Sports

MLB is almost to the All Star break and the rosters have been announced! Unsurprisingly, Mike Trout mad it for the sixth year in a row. Surprisingly, no Dodgers players were voted in as starters. The guys discuss all the theory’s why. Also up for discussion is the current performances from your Dodgers and Angels teams, as well as the latest news and rumors from both the Lakers and Clippers… but mostly Lakers. And if you hadn’t heard, ESPN did a little five hour long “30 for 30” on the Lakers and Celtics rivalry. The guys have plenty to say about that *Spoiler Alert* Old Man Ben relives the “Good ol’ days”