Ep 70: And That Ladies & Gentlemen Is Sports

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MLB is almost to the All Star break and the rosters have been announced! Unsurprisingly, Mike Trout mad it for the sixth year in a row. Surprisingly, no Dodgers players were voted in as starters. The guys discuss all the theory’s why. Also up for discussion is the current performances from your Dodgers and Angels teams, as well as the latest news and rumors from both the Lakers and Clippers… but mostly Lakers. And if you hadn’t heard, ESPN did a little five hour long “30 for 30” on the Lakers and Celtics rivalry. The guys have plenty to say about that *Spoiler Alert* Old Man Ben relives the “Good ol’ days”

Ep 69: Happy Gronk-iversary

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It was a huge week in Los Angeles sports! The Lakers roster looks a lot different after the NBA Draft and a big trade with the Nets. It looks like the Clippers are poised to blow… up. The Galaxy played a couple games and the Raiders made Derek Carr the highest aged player in the NFL. If that wasn’t enough, this week is the Freeway Series! The Dodgers and Angels are going at it in a four game set. The guys discuss all that plus if you’re into conspiracy theories, Vic’s got a good one!

Ep 68: I Think He’s Juicing

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It’s NBA Draft week! Rumors are flying everywhere! The guys breakdown all the latest rumblings about what the Lakers might do with their number two pick. They also address Paul George’s affinity for the purple and gold and the latest talk that King James himself might have a desire to head out west.All that plus the Dodgers and Cody Bellinger are on fire, the Angels are playing .500 ball in Mike Trout’s absence and the Galaxy played two games. Rumor has it, this episode is “must listen” pod! Do it!

Ep 67: He Actually Sounded Intelligent (with Trevor Lane)

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The 2016-17 NBA season is officially over! That means the draft is right around the corner! To help discuss the Lakers options with their number two pick, the guys have a chat with Lakers Nation senior writer and podcast host, Trevor Lane. Trevor gives his thoughts one what he expects to see at the draft as well as his thoughts on the current Lakers roster… he also may or may not be a Galaxy fan and Hammer may or may not exploit that. Also up for discussion is Team USA’s qualifier against Mexico and Cal State Fullerton is headed to the College World Series! Plus Dodgers and Angels talk! If you’re a fan of sports in Los Angeles, you don’t want to miss this show!