Ep 61: Get Off The Vicodin Before You Make Those Decisions

It’s been over a year since the guys gave their predictions on when each of our beloved Los Angeles teams would win their next championship. The guys revisit their previous predictions and give some updates. Last week was the NFL Draft and the guys recap the Rams and Raiders picks. Also up for discussion is the end to the Clippers season, the Dodgers and Angels turning things around and the Galaxy continuing their downward spiral… be warned soccer fans, Ben has Hammer on a short leash with his Galaxy update!

Ep 60: His Name Doesn’t Have “Bum” In It

Not making excuses! The injuries to our LA teams are piling up! Both the Dodgers and Angels have several players on the DL. The Galaxy is dealing with injuries to a few key players. Most importantly, it’s looking like the Clippers will “clip” their playoff run short (see what I did there?) with Blake Griffin now out. The guys discuss the current injured players and the effect their absence has on their team. They also give their thoughts on why it seems injuries are becoming more common in pro sports and decide what the most devastating injury to any past LA team was. Also, this week is the NFL draft! The guys fill you in on what the Rams and Raiders should both be shopping for! It’s a jam packed episode of Guys In Shorts!

Ep 59: I’d Pee On Any One Of You

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The Clippers have begun their 2017 playoff campaign and despite the poor performance in game one, the guys are optimistic they’ll get past this round… mostly. A few weeks into the MLB season sees the Angels trying to wake up their bats and the Dodgers dealing with blisters… really? We’re just over a month into the Galaxy’s young season and The Portuguese Hammer possibly escalates the team from underwhelming to just plain sucking! Also, this week there was an article in the LA Times that ranked your favorite LA teams. The team in first lace might not be who you think it is. They guys of course have plenty of thoughts… And Darren shares his new fetish. All on this week’s episode of Guys In Shorts!

Ep 58: I Disagree With The Content But Your Voice Is Really Nice

It’s baseball season, people! They guys present their 2017 Dodgers and Angels Season Preview! Up for discussion is the teams moves made in the off season, where the team’s strengths and weaknesses are and it wouldn’t be a Guys In Shorts Preview show without some bold predictions… and we got some BOLD ones! The guys also discuss the end of the Lakers and Kings season, preview the Clippers playoff run and even mention the Raiders doing something very un-Raider like! Bold prediction… you’re going to love this episode!